Comfort Cafe Smithville, Tx

The motto here is Relax, Eat, Enjoy.

This Cafe is more remarkable than I realized once stepping foot past the gate through the beautiful mosaic walls of hope, strength, and love.  It was an eery feeling at first because I was the only one here, and I could sense an energy that was not like something I get in a typical cafe. There were shoes still left outside of a door and gave a feeling someone was around but to my knowledge there wasn’t. All over are quotes, colorful pictures, spiritual statues and spiritual artwork everywhere. I was excited to be able to capture all of this with no distractions of any kind except boogie who followed be around with his leash still dragging behind him on the ground.


After getting home and looking up more behind this Cafe, what I’ve found out is even better. This cafe is used for a place where the community can come here and connect and enjoy, but it also is a home base for Serenity Star which is a group of recovering addicts and alcoholics who are working a 12 step program and have been called into purpose. The purpose of offering experience, strength, and hope to the next addict who wants recovery.



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