Smithville Texas

I’ve passed this little town of Smithville quite often on my travels to and from Austin. Its a very quaint little texas town. The charm here is not only the friendly hometown people of Smithville, but the few blocks of old downtown. They became known after the movie Hope Floats was filmed here, a movie filmed back in 98, starring Sandra Bullock. Much of the downtown has murals on the walls, some original and some from the set of the movie. I stopped in this art store, which was lovely. Alot of western art, brightly colored furniture mixed in with beautiful jewelry and well thought out mosaics and pottery pieces.

Being that it was a Monday afternoon it was very quiet but I would imagine on a friday or weekend a lot of these small business that weren’t open today would be busy with locals. Busy for a town of 5,000 that is.

Next stop was Honey’s Diner. As soon as I walked up from the outside seating area, the owner approached, asked if I wanted to sit outside, greeted me with a smile and a dog bowl of water for boogie. Lovely place to eat, fresh pizza, friendy staff, and almost a surreal experience because the town is so raw, real, small and totally gives off a small town country feel. I would say it is definetly worth a stop.



Downtown Smithville


Same Honey’s that was filmed in Hope Floats
Honey’s Diner Pizza

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