If it wasn’t for Texas

There wouldn’t be no Alamo,
No Cowboys in the Superbowl:
No “Lonesome Dove”, no “Yellow Rose”,
If it wasn’t for Texas.

I wouldn’t be a Willie fan.
Nobody’d swim the Rio Grande.
I wouldn’t be an American,
If it wasn’t for Texas.

Fort Worth would never cross my mind,
An’ there’d be no Austin City limits sign.
No Lonestar of any kind.
If it wasn’t for Texas.    

George Strait



 I don’t know what it is about rolling down the windows, breathing in the fresh country air and jamming out to good ole George Strait. If there is something I’ve learned about myself recently the most since moving to Austin, is how much I crave this time outdoors. Not neccessarily surrounded by the trendy boutiques or restaurants, but enjoying the simplicity of the country here in Texas. It’s different then the Louisiana country, it’s vast as far as you can see once you are on a cliff, but there is a gentleness in Texas country. It could be the preservation of nature, the care for keeping the land pure, liter free, smoke free, but most of all it’s just beautiful. It has become my therapy, probably just as much as listening to good ole George.

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