Inner Voice

There is a lot I can talk about regarding one’s inner voice. It speaks louder in some of the most unwanted times in our lives, like when we are in relationships that aren’t right. Jobs that aren’t for us, friends that no longer serve a place in our lives yet we continue to allow them to drag us down. Yet it is there at all times, that little knot in our tummy, subtle in our thoughts, and really the inner strength that we need when sometimes even our own family can let us down.

LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE. I know I sound like I am preaching, and quite honeslty I tend to be the one to have ignored it the most in most cases. The people who know me can vouch for me in that. But with that said, I also from my own experience, have followed it through then end of it all.

I left my comfortzone, my friends back home, my job security, because my inner voice had been telling me for 8 years or so to move to Austin. It took way too long for me to finally listen, and years of mistakes that I’m sure I could have avoided but I finally did it. At the peak in my career, but I knew from personal experience that my inner voice and intuition would guide me through this process of re identifying myself. I needed to step back a bit, dive in a new enviornment, and find my true self and what will make me happy.

I have wanted to start a personal blog more to document my life, because my client’s over the years have seemed to enjoy living ‘Vicariously through me’ hence the name of the blog. My hope is that in sharing my journey here in Austin, not only can I find myself, but I can inspire others to do so as well! As far as business goes.. well all that good stuff coming this way will be posted on the Captured By Hillary page!



Cheers to the first entry!!

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  1. Betty Epperson says:

    Love this so very proud of you for taking this step and you will keep growing.


  2. Dianne says:

    Beautifully expressed. I always knew you would rise up like a star.

    Liked by 1 person

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